A Profile of Justus Caldwell – A Multi-Faceted Opelikan Friend


A good buddy and coworker of mine, Justus Caldwell, invited me to his quaint Opelikan home this morning for biscuits with jam made by his beautiful wife of 10 years, Brooke.  Brooke and Justus have a 7-year-old daughter together.  We had a great time chatting, tasting Brooke’s wonderful jams and jellies, and checking out his chickens.  Justus is a great guy with many talents and hobbies.  He is quite the outdoorsman – one person you’d want with you if you ever got shipwrecked or stranded in the desert.  He is a valued assistant counselor at my place of employment, where he helps a lot of men rebuild their lives. And by the way, Brooke has a FaceBook page you can visit, which features her amazing preserves.  Check out these pictures and listen to the fun interview!

Interview with Justus (Drive Link)

Brooke’s “Frugal Fruit Canning” FB Page!


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