Andrew Skinner, Making a Difference at Storybook Farm

Tanned from long days in the sun tending to horses and a variety of other friendly creatures, my friend, Andrew Skinner, brightens the day of anyone who happens upon the beautiful property of Storybook Farm.  The main purpose of this lovely, well-kept layout, is equine therapy, largely geared to children of all ages with developmental disabilities.  Andrew has impressed me in the Opelika, AL community for his compassion and heart in helping people, before I realized where he was employed.

This was my second visit to the farm, adorned with a multitude of garden areas, and all roads and paths and pastures with a “storybook theme.” One sign near the entrance, for example, reads, “Belle says, ‘Don’t be a Beast, slow down,'” with pictures of the Disney characters. On this visit, I was able to meet most of the animals.  There are several adopted dogs and cats, goats, ponies, and horses.

I had a great time hanging with Andrew and Deana at Storybook today. Check out the audio of my interview with Andrew and my pictures of the farm.  I look forward to more visits to this unique and wonderful operation, making a difference in the Alabama community.

Audio of interview with Andrew

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